Now the freezing cold weather is disappearing, it’s time to focus on repairing our skin, bringing it out of hibernation by restoring radiance and hydration.

Many of us are guilty of finding a skincare routine we love and refuse to let go of it. Changing your skincare routine 2-3 times a year is important. Over time your skin gets used to the product you use every day, therefore you may stop seeing noticeable results. We recommend a few Springtime goodies to help put the energy back into your skincare routine!

Mousse Bioxygene


Step 1 – City Escape – External irritants asphyxiate the skin on a daily basis, even more so if you work in a city, smoke or have a stressful job These factors can lead to premature ageing, wrinkles and dull skin. We recommend:

MOUSSE BiOXYGENE – This cleansing face foam eliminates impurities and removes make up whilst also boosting the oxygen levels in the skin cells, helping you look refreshed, rested and radiance. RRP £25.50


Gommage biologique


Step 2 – Scrub Up! – Many of us understand the importance of exfoliating. However, if you have sensitive skin you might be concerned about the harsh effects of doing this. A non-granular exfoliator is the best option in this case.

GOMMAGE BIOLOGIQUE – This is a biological peeling gel. Now don’t panic, it is made from natural fruit acids so there are no harsh chemicals involved meaning it’s perfect for sensitive skin. RRP £30.75


Masque Dynamissant


Step 3 – Quick Fix! – For many people time is of the essence. Masks are one of the most time consuming beauty products, but what if you could find a fast working, non-setting radiance and vitality mask that gives instant results?

MASQUE DYNAMISANT – This fast acting 3 minute anti-fatigue face mask renews the skin’s radiance, revitalises and smooths the skin’s features. RRP £37.75


creme hydra finish


Step 4 – Spring Glow – It’s very likely that this time of year your skin could benefit from a lift of extra colour. There are a multitude of “Beauty Flash” creams out there, but how do you find a shape that matches your skin tone? The key to finding the right shade is investing in a product that listens and adapts to your skin whilst hydrating and protecting.

CREME HYDRA FINISH – A 3 in 1 transformation cream providing long lasting hydration and SPF15 protection. The product goes in a light purple colour but them quickly adapts to your skin tone, leaving you with healthy skin glow! RRP £33.25


Finally, if you are concerned about your skin or simply want some advice on what products would suit your skin type and beauty goals, don’t forget that Pretty Woman offers a totally free of charge Skin Consultation with one of our experienced Beauty Therapists.