Hydradermie2 Soleil – Reducing the effects of time on the skin whilst helping to prepare the skin for sun exposure or help repair it post holiday…

Step 1 – Skin Prep 

A thorough double cleanse, followed by exfoliation using Demaquillant Exfoliant, ensures the removal of dead layers of skin helping to achieve a more even and prolonged tan.

Step 2 – Molecular Energy with Ionisation

The Longue Vie Soleil serum is used over the face, neck and decollete for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which kick starts Aconitase; responsible for repairing skin stress – a main repercussion of sun worshipping.

Key Ingredients – Try-Ol and Copper Gluconate which stimulates melanocyte cells that produce pigment melanin found in the basal layer of the epidermis and helps gives colour and protection.

Step 3 – High Frequency

OZ2, which contains stabilised oxygen and Lavender Essence to help purify and soothe the skin, is applied. During long flights or sun exposure oxygen levels can deplete meaning a lack of hydration leading to premature ageing. This treatment helps re-oxygenate as well as achieving a glowing complexion and extend the post holiday tan.

Recommended Pre and Post Sun for best results