There are many different forms of hair removal and so many differences behind each one. In terms of convenience, cost and effectiveness, we believe waxing to be one of the best! Whether you’re an avid waxer with a few questions, or a beginner looking for some answers, give this a read to ensure you’re doing everything right in order to achieve the best out of your waxing experience.

Hair needs to be 1/4- 1/2-inch-long (longer for coarser hair). If you are concerned your hair may be too short for a waxing appointment, follow your heart and leave it another week! We don’t want you to be left disappointed if we can’t remove a few short with wax. You’ll benefit the best with hair at the stated length therefore, we recommend waiting 2-3 weeks before booking any waxing appointment after shaving.

When moving from shaving to waxing, you won’t feel completely smooth until around 3 treatments as you hair will be growing at different rates and is therefore being removed at different stages of growth. It takes a few goes to get those hairs growing together, and at the same stage of growth. So, if you’re going on holiday, don’t assume a wax will remove all of your hair at your first appointment, get a few booked in before your holiday so that your hair has settled into your waxing routine.

Your therapist will take note of to the rate at which your hair is growing so we can begin to look at booking you in for more routine waxing (usually between 4 and 6 weeks). This means we can give you a completely smooth finish with no remaining hairs!

Just to reiterate, if you want to start waxing you should avoid shaving completely and stick to your routinely wax appointments (or as close to these as possible).

MYTH – Ingrown hairs caused by waxing are a MYTH. They are caused by not following the correct after care advise- exfoliate, moisturise and don’t touch the area!

ESPA Body Brush, available to purchase in salon. Aids desquamation and exfoliation.
  1. EXFOLIATE. Waxing removes the entire hair and the root causing your skin to strengthen in order to protect the follicle. It’s important therefore that you exfoliate a few days after the treatment then once or twice a week in the build up to your next appointment to prevent ingrown hairs. Give yourself one last thorough scrub the night before your wax and you will experience extra smooth skin with little or no ingrown hairs!

2. MOISTURISE. This should be done daily to maintain smooth skin and to rehydrate the skin after exfoliating. If not daily then as often as possible. Feel free to moisturise the morning of your appointment, however, avoid the area of waxing for up to 24 hours after your treatment. Don’t worry, we will provide you with a lovely, soothing cream directly after your wax and feel free to ask for more if you need to!

ESPA Smooth and Firm Body Butter, available to purchase in salon. Smooths and Firms skin whilst leaving it moisturising.

3. NO TOUCHING. Make sure to avoid touching the area completely after a wax, it will be sensitive, maybe sore and your pores will be open. We usually advise you to wear loose clothing after body waxing for your comfort and to avoid hot baths or showers, sunbeds, and chlorine. Your pores may be sensitive, and they will be open so they must be treated with care.

FACT – Waxing can be picked up again at any point so if you’ve missed your waxing appointment by a few days, weeks or even months, don’t be tempted to pick up the razor! After the first few waxes your hairs are so much more susceptible to waxing meaning there is no change in how the hair grows back or how it is removed however, it may be slightly more painful than you remember!

MYTH – Waxing will NOT cause thicker and faster hair growth. You may be led to believe hair is coming back thicker and faster however this is purely due to the fact that you are so used to seeing such a smooth, hair free finish. Waxing, in fact reduces hair growth over time. Shaving cuts the hair at its thickest point causing it to feel like stubble, for some only a few hours later, however correctly waxed hair is removed from the root meaning as it starts to grow back it is very fine at the tip therefore no stubble feeling.

FACT – Waxing can be performed pretty much anywhere! Most popular on legs, bikini area, underarm, full arm, chest, back, face and much more! for those who like to be completely hair free or just like a bit of a tidy.

None of us are perfect, don’t worry about exfoliating, moisturising and even waxing as religiously as we suggest, this is purely to receive the very best results from your treatments. Any other questions feel free to pop in and discuss with one of our highly trained and experienced therapists, or visit our website

AUTHOR: Mia Tigwell