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PW Aesthetics

We are proud and excited to launch PW Aesthetics to Pretty Woman Beauty Salons. With our main focus on skincare, we are offering specialist treatments such as Advanced Cosmetic Procedures and Microneedling Facials. All in the salons you know, with the therapists you trust.

PW AestheticsAdvanced Cosmetic Procedures

ACP uses short wave diathermy to remove small skin blemishes or lesions from the face or body quickly and efficiently with little or no marks left of the skin. This cauterises the skin blemish by creating “heat” on the skin. ACP can treat all manor of skin blemishes including Skin Tags, Blood Spots, Millia, Red Veins, Age Spots, Spider Naevi, Warts, Seborrheic Keratosis, Sebaceous Cysts, Sebaceous Hyperplasia (yellow bumps), Xanthomas (fatty deposits under the eyes) and Moles.

Consultation – FREE

15 mins = £50

30 mins = £90

45 mins = £120

60 mins = £150

Micro Needling Facial

Using the Genosys system, Microneedling creates tiny channels into the skin allowing up to 80% more product absorption. In addition, a natural collagen induction response is stimulated resulting in skin rejuvenation and younger looking skin. Over a period of time new collagen is produced and old misaligned collagen is broken down, which strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the skin, improving skin texture and maintaining a youthful appearance. The benefits of microneedling are:

Skin Rejuvenation / Anti-Aging                                                                                             

Improves scaring including acne scaring

Brightens the skin

Firms and lifts the skin

Treats enlarged pores

Improves stretch marks

1 hour