team at pretty woman winnersMy name is Selina Jogaloo and I run Pretty Woman Beauty Salon in Alton, Hampshire.

I am a VTCT qualified beauty therapist and won Beautician of the Year 2013 at the English Hair & Beauty Awards. I love doing pretty much all treatments from facials to manicures/pedicures to massage to hair removal, but I guess my passion is skincare. I think this comes from my own skin problems and the long journey I have taken trying and testing a huge number of products and facials before finding something that worked for my skin.

I decided to start blogging as to be honest, I love what I do! And I wanted to use this as a forum to share some hints and tips that I’ve picked up over the years. I’d like to hear about your beauty experiences and for this to be an interactive blog so hopefully it will stimulate a discussion.


So, first things first… What do you want to hear about? Skin care advice, make up tips, nail care, forms of hair removal, all of the above?? I’d love to hear from you so please do email us at

I am going to be recommending treatments that we offer at Pretty Woman at the end of each relevant blog, this is my chance at a “sales-pitch” as it were. I hope you enjoy my blogs, and pick up some hints and tips along the way!

Selina xx